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Permanent LED Displays Shine On GTA Buildings

Permanent LED displays are lighting up homes and businesses across the GTA. Professionally installed, LED light strips are installed along eavestroughs and soffits, presenting a striking and unique exterior design. While many think of installing lights along a rooftop for holidays like Christmas or Halloween, permanent LED displays fit many different applications. Businesses in the GTA like restaurants, hotels and retail chains will use permanent LED displays to drive promotions or attract patrons to special events like weddings or parties. Homeowners can celebrate personal milestones like graduation or welcoming a new baby by using light and colour in dramatic fashion!

Professional installers will set up the permanent LED light strips discreetly, so unless the lights are on no one will see they are there. Colour selection and light patterns are easily selected with the use of a controller, making Christmas decorating easy and safe! No more climbing ladders in inclement weather to install faulty and unreliable incandescent lights. Both homeowners and businesses can appreciate the eco-friendly nature of the LED lights, as well as cost savings in electricity. Choosing to install permanent LED displays in the GTA will not only offer a brilliant show but will feature landscaping and architecture elements in a trendy new way.
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GTA businesses and homeowners are lighting up the neighbourhood with permanent LED displays. Discreetly installed, LED light strips are installed along roof lines and soffits. An easy-to-use controller gives quick access to settings including colour selection, light patterns, dimness and timers. There are many different applications for permanent LED displays in the GTA. One thinks of Christmas lighting off the hop as most people are turning to projectors and permanent LED strip installations for the holidays. But you can enjoy the beauty of colourful lighting all year round!

Personal milestone events such as graduation, baby showers and weddings are just one way these unique light shows are used. Canada Day, Pride celebrations or Halloween are wonderful ways permanent LED displays can enhance the holidays. Celebrating a birthday? Why not light up the back yard with different colours and patterns to let the guests know they have arrived at the place to be! Businesses can drive special events and drive brand awareness by using permanent LED displays effectively. Contact a local GTA professional LED light strip installer and let your unique personality shine from the rooftop!